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  • Confessions of a Tenant

    I am a tenant I am also nearing the end of my lease, and as the property we are in is surplus to our needs we are looking for a new one. An interesting exercise. It’s good to be on the other side. It gives us a new perspective, and … Read more

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  • Buyer Lists

    After a solid month of sales, our buyer lists now exceed the number of listings we are carrying. Looking to sell? We have buyers looking for Three Bedroom 2 Bathroom Villa/Duplex up to $700,000 Two Bedroom Duplexes to $550,000 Three Bedroom Townhouses up to $850,000 Commanding home with City / … Read more

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  • Real Estate Rhetoric #1

    If they want the property, they’ll make an offer. Well….maybe…possibly….perhaps even probably. However, surely the best course of action would be to encourage the process to move quicker than its natural pace. Cut out the competition and close the deal. Sure, the buyer may make an offer anyway. Provided that … Read more

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